9Tek Syllogic arrived in Norway.

The “Sailing Lab” from RoboSail, now 9Tek Syllogic has arrived in Norway, Sande close to Oslo. After a quiet trip from IJmuden in Holland, the boat arrived early Saturday morning. The project leader Terje Nilsen stated Sunday: “It was a non event full trip, with almost no wind. We are happy the boat now is in our harbor, and look forward to the total computer refit.”
The trip took 94.5 hours, with aprox. 12 hour motoring in now wind at 5knots (the boat is slow on motor), and 6 hour break in south Denmark waiting for the weather.
“The boat is very different to sail from what we are used to, specially the main sail, and the extreme masthead genaker. But after a few days we started to get a hang of it.” Terje says, “ this is a perfect boat for computers to sail as it likes to ride on the edge”, he continues with a smile.
“The backup computer sailed the boat 95% of the time, and did a nice job, maybe a little on the nervous side, so we will tune it down a notch to preserve power, and extend the lifetime of the activator.” Terje concludes.